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Our friendly staff intend to provide customers with the best and professional appliance and fridge repairs service maintaining highest possible customer satisfaction at all time and to adhere to our 6 months guarantee on all appliance and fridge repairs as an added peace-of-mind. 

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It is not necessary to transport fridges for repair to the workshop, as we repair refrigerators and freezers on site. Transporting fridges has a risk of scratching or damage.  

There are no hidden cost when booking a repair with us. Our technician will inspect you fridge or freezer and provide you with a verbal quotation. If you find the cost acceptable, the repair will be done you will only pay for labor and any parts or materials used.

Previous generations of refrigerators were more simple They had mechanical, electrical parts and gas installation. With progress in new technology, PC BOARD - electronic components were included (Samsung, LG, KIC, KIC , AEG, Siemens, KIC, Gaggenau, KIC, Whirlpool and other). New refrigerators have an electronic control of cooling, compressor management and defrosting cycles as well as control of internal temperature. The technicians now have a job sometimes replacing electronic parts that control the refrigerator. We are in step with the times; we repair all new models of local makes refrigerators and freezers.

Frequently asked questions
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