Fridge repairs Sunninghill.

Refrigerators Repairs

Fridge repairs Sunninghill, by our reliable and professional appliance technicians.

Arrival on the same day after your call.

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On site fridge repair

180 day guarantee

Appliance Fridge Repair

That means bringing the fridge to a correct working condition with performance as the original factory condition.

How we do it

Fridge repairs Sunninghill. Defy fridge repairs Sunninghill, Bosch fridge repairs Sunninghill, AEG fridge repairs Sunninghill, KIC fridge repairs Sunninghill, Samsung fridge repairs Sunninghill, LG fridge repairs Sunninghill.

When problems occur with your appliance; refrigerator, freezer, combo fridge - freezer, call us on:

011 568 1390
or book online your service call now.

Upon arrival at your premises, our refrigeration technician will inspect the refrigerator and check for unusual noises, leakage of refrigerant gas or water, faulty parts to determine cause of the failure and provide you with an quotation. After the quotation is accepted and method of payment agreed upon, the refrigeration technician will go ahead with the repair immediately.

Fridge repair at your premises

It is not necessary to transport fridges for repair to the workshop, as we repair refrigerators and freezers on site. Transporting fridges has a risk of scratching or damage.

Is your fridge cooling slightly or not at all?

Maybe leaking water, fridge warm inside, control light flashing or a clicking noise coming from behind? These are sure signs that your fridge needs repair.

Repair and regas refrigerators all makes including:

Defy, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, KIC, Amana, Siemens, Gaggenau, Smeg, Fridgemaster, Bauer, Mercury, Hitachi, Sharp, Hisense, Indesit, Daewoo, Kelvinator, Electrolux, AEG, Bosch.

Refrigerator and appliance repairs Sunninghill. Fridge freezer repairs Sunninghill.Fridge repairs Sunninghill repair to fridges all makes: AEG, LG, Samsung, Bosch, Defy, Fridgemaster, Whirlpool. Sunninghill fridge and appliance repairs, on site same day after your call. Sunninghill appliance and refrigerator repairs. Whirlpool fridge repairs. Fridge freezer repairs Sunninghill.

Fridge Faults

Display commercial fridge repairs Sunninghill.
  • Control light flashing and a clicking sound coming from behind, (fridge/freezer possible behavior DEFY side by side, BOSCH fridge freezer unit top freezer), freezer works but not fridge,
  • fridge power tripping out, ( possible behavior DEFY 2 door fridge freezer unit silver fridge bottom freezer, KIC and Fridgemaster, LG silver fridge/freezer bottom freezer),
  • refrigerator not getting cold freezer still pretty cold ( fridge/freezer bottom freezer possible behavior LG fridge-freezer unit bottom freezer, Defy double door bottom freezer, KIC and BOSCH bottom freezer),
  • refrigerator gets hot ( Whirlpool fridges with thermostat , KIC, Fridgemaster),
  • leaking water (Defy fridges, LG, Fridgemaster),
  • refrigerator runs and cut off compressor (LG fridges double door), freezer works fridge doesn't.

Fridge repairs, Sunninghill, call us on:

011 568 1390

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